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Курехин и Айги – Радіо Свобода

Радіо Свобода Курехин и АйгиРадіо СвободаВ 1989 году была сделана совместная запись Сергея Курехина и Сергея Летова «Полинезия. Введение в историю», которая была выпущена фирмой «Мелодия» и стала первой пластинкой легально изданной, то есть первой пластинкой Курехина на фирме «Мелодия». Мне кажется … More: continued here

The science of kissing – New Zealand Herald

The science of kissingNew Zealand HeraldIn 1898 the Danish scholar Christopher Nyrop wrote that kissing was unknown in Polynesia, Madagascar, and among some tribes in Africa. He described the European mouth-kiss as "a way of salutation vastly superior to the one in vogue among those savage … More: continued here

Warning to farmers of a rough ride from El Nino – New Zealand Herald

Warning to farmers of a rough ride from El NinoNew Zealand HeraldAn El Nino event can have a significant impact on weather patterns, ocean conditions and fisheries across a large part of the Earth. • During El Nino, cyclone conditions in the tropical South Pacific shift eastwards, causing more cyclones than normal …El Nino 'extremely […]

French court says ‘non’ to new cockfighting pits – The

The French court says 'non' to new cockfighting pitsThe Local.frAside from the northern Nord-Pas de Calais region, cockfighting continues in the overseas territories of La Reunion, French Guiana, French Antilles and French Polynesia. Cockfighting sets two roosters — bred for their aggressiveness, trained and …и другие » More: continued here

Un surveillant de prison soupçonné d’agressions sexuelles sur des … – Polynésie 1ère

Polynésie 1ère Un surveillant de prison soupçonné d'agressions sexuelles sur des …Polynésie 1èreCe jeudi 30 juillet, un surveillant de prison a comparu devant la cour d'appel de Papeete pour des agressions sexuelles sur des détenus. Les faits se seraient déroulés entre 2011 et 2012 à la prison d'Uturoa, à Raiatea. © Polynesie 1ere. + grand […]