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In Polynesia young girls - vahine - if they are beautiful, then they belong to all. They sochli themselves unnatural, if encounter with the young man would not in private end by proximity. Easily converging, young vakhiny so easily part.

Even the universal christianization of islanders did not change their relations to the sex. Is interesting the history, connected with the visit by the first bishop of maoriyskoy hamlet in New Zealand. Its inhabitants, already inverted into the catholicism, showed solemn method honorable guest. Magnificent feast, Catholic service on all canons...

But night came, and bishop with the satellites intended to leave to sleep, when the leader of settlement ordered to bring excellent girl it on the night. Most shaken bishop could not say word, but one of his accompanied clergymen vozmushchenno said to the leader: "as possible! Girl - to bishop!"leader felt that the oversight completed, but understood it to its harmony - after turning to the servants, it ordered: "give to bishop two girls!"

The first Europeans brought to the inhabitants of oceania two "gifts": syphillis, which swiftly was extended along the archipelago, and the rudiments of prostitution, by which there did not exist in the traditional society. They managed syphillis, and here prostitution flourishes. It does not exist in the traditional communities, but increasingly more girls departs to the cities. They become, for example, "ship" prostitutes, they pass from the ship aboard the ship, gathering its "harvest".

Others, working in the advertising agencies, attend businessmen and tourists... But Polynesians look at prostitution entirely differently from somewhere in the world: what can be simpler and it is more pleasant than to give its love? Indeed they were borne on the islands of free love...

Polynesian Girls
Polynesian Girl
Polynesian Girl Polynesian Girl
Polynesian Girl Polynesian Girl
Polynesian Girl Polynesian Girl
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