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19 Февраля, 2015
Books » Tahiti & French Polynesia
mer’s Tahiti & French Polynesia
Tahiti is only the gateway to French Polynesia, there are many islands and hundreds of accommodations to choose from, so of Frommer's Tahiti & French Polynesia compares all the options, helping you find the tropical getaway that's right for you. Rely on us for in-depth, honest reviews of lavish honeymoon resorts, intimate inns, simple bungalows, family-friendly motels, and more, with selections in every price category.
Рейтинг: Rating : Очень плохо
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Tags: Tahiti , French Polynesia

19 Февраля, 2015
Books » South Pacific
mer's South Pacific
I owe a debt of gratitude to many individuals and organizations without whose help this book would have been impossible to research and write. You will become acquainted with many of them in these pages, and it will be your good fortune if you meet them in the islands.
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Tags: South Pacific

19 Февраля, 2015
Books » Polynesia
Polynesia: A History of the South Sea Islands, Including New Zealand ; with Narrative of the Introduction of Christianity
Polynesia: A History of the South Sea Islands, Including New Zealand ; with Narrative of the Introduction of Christianity, & C - P
Рейтинг: Rating : Отлично
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Tags: Polynesia

19 Февраля, 2015
Books » Hawaii (Eyewitness Travel Guides)
Hawaii (Eyewitness Travel Guides)
Your holiday starts the moment you open the guide ... "The best guide available. Packed to the brim with colour photos, maps and essential information." - "Reader review". Aloha! Capture the essence of this island of paradise from the national parks to surfing, volcanoes, hula and beaches.
Рейтинг: Rating : Отлично
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Tags: Hawaii , travel

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